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Lady Elizabeth Hastings adopted a lifestyle of deep Christianity and enlightened philanthropy and, before her death in 1739, established the charities which have since helped tens of thousands of people.


The Lady Elizabeth Hastings Charities were founded in 1739 and are split into the Educational Foundation and the Non-Educational Charity.

The Educational Foundation operates within a closely defined area of benefit comprising a group of Yorkshire villages in the civil parish of Burton Salmon and the ecclesiastical parishes of Thorp Arch, Collingham with Harewood, Bardsey with East Keswick, Shadwell and Ledsham with Fairburn.
It makes awards for educational purposes to individuals, schools, community groups and other institutions.

The Non-Educational Charity awards grants principally to individual clergy with connections to the former counties of Yorkshire, Westmorland, Cumberland and Northumberland, as constituted on 31st March 1974. It also awards grants for repairs to specific churches and relieves hardship among the residents of the ecclesiastical parishes of Ledsham with Fairburn, Thorp Arch and Collingham with Harewood, in Yorkshire.