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The charities are able to make educational grants to individuals, schools and communities, as well as ecclesiastical grants to clergy and churches, all within clearly defined geographical areas.


Since their inception in 1739, the Lady Elizabeth Hastings Charities have enriched the lives of tens of thousands of people through the giving of grants. Every year they continue to make hundreds of awards to local individuals and local causes.

Over the past ten years the charities have:

  • awarded grants totalling more than £2.2 million

  • given over 3,000 grants to individual beneficiaries

  • made over 250 grants to local schools, community groups and churches

The largest grant awarded in recent years was for £12,000 towards outdoor equipment at Lady Elizabeth Hastings School, Collingham.

The smallest grant was for £20 to the church of St Ricarius, Aberford, towards the cost of sacramental bread and wine.

The most unusual grant was one made to the children of the vicar of an inner city parish. This enabled them to replace their bicycles, which had been stolen at knifepoint by a local gang.